PEACOC: know more about the project

In times challenged by climate change and resource depletion, Europe is shifting efforts towards greener alternative technologies. Today, there is a higher demand for non-fossil fuel-based technologies, such as electric vehicles, fuel cells, or batteries, which require extensive use of precious metals, among other resources.

The PEACOC project set out in May 2021 to solve the current challenges that limit the recovery of Precious Metals at massive scale, while exploiting the potential of EU secondary resources, such as end-of-life printed circuit boards, spent autocatalysts and photovoltaic panels. This EU-funded project will develop and demonstrate (at pre-commercial level) novel, low-cost and environmentally friendly technologies to recover gold, silver and Platinum Group Metals from complex waste mixtures.

The PEACOC solutions are expected to be first-of-its-kind in Europe. The innovation concept of the project has been funded with €11.2 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. To research, demonstrate and place in the market those new sustainable technologies for recovery of Precious Metals, the project will be run by a consortium of 19 partners from 8 European countries and Turkey.

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